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Wedding Plum Island Airport Birthday Party 2016

Our traveling, wood fired pizzeria can add character and ambiance to your next party or event. We are completely self- contained, bringing with us a wood fired brick oven, commercial refrigeration, three bay sink, hand wash sink, hot water heater, generator, tents, lights, work tables, and serving tables.


Corporate & Private Events

We bring our handcrafted, wood burning oven and experienced crew to your event.

Its not just pizza made on site and cooked to order, its a show! Every pizza is hand made. The dough is tossed into the air and shaped and then fresh toppings are added. It is placed into our wood fired oven and in 90 seconds its ready.  We have great food made from the freshest ingredients, and a friendly, helpful staff.  We welcome any questions about the oven and/or the food.



We can travel within 45 miles of Exeter, NH. We will travel outside our area at an additional charge.


A deposit of $250.00 is required to save the date.

Final Payment

Final payment is due before start of event.

2014 Boogie n Blues Festival

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